My Approach:

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My practice is a weight-inclusive, non-diet approach rooted in compassion, and informed by Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size. My hope is that my clients will find peace with food and learn how to nourish their own bodies with kindness. My goal is to help clients of all body types, sizes, and identities feel at home in their own skin. I will never shame or judge a client for the food that they eat. I hope to provide a practical approach to my client’s health that emphasizes self-care and self-compassion to your self and your body. With my multifaceted health background, I provide a holistic, whole person approach to help meet my clients needs. I value a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare, and welcome collaboration with your healthcare team.

What I do:

Eating Disorder + body image recovery work

In our work together, I will journey alongside you to establish a pattern of eating that supports your recovery, and is best for you physically, mentally, and emotionally. I will never shame or judge you for what you eat. I am here to ask questions, encourage curiosity, and bring out the tools you need to create enjoyable eating patterns and establish body trust. I believe that all eating disorder work should be approached through a Health at Every Size lens, and I believe that eating disorders can affect anyone, in any body size. I believe that you are the expert in your body, and I am here to teach, encourage, and listen! I will meet you where you are at in your journey, and we’ll go from there.

In our initial session(s), we’ll work together to assess you current relationship with food and your body. This can include: disordered eating patterns, disordered exercise patterns, food rules, food fears, poor body image, lack of self-care, restrictive eating, etc.  My goal is to establish a relationship of trust and open communication with my clients that offers the support they need in their recovery journeys.

Nutrition for wellness and holistic health

I would love to work alongside you to help establish an eating pattern that fuels your life and your values best, as well as help with stress management and initiation of self-care. Not everyone has disordered eating concerns, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need help with nutrition, self-care, and health related issues. I also have a special interest in working with clients with Cystic Fibrosis and other chronic health concerns.

In our initial sessions together, you can expect a full nutrition and self-care assessment, with a discussion of what you would like your relationship with food, eating, and your body to be. We’ll walk through any nutrition myths, fad diets, current health concerns, and how to include self-care as part of adulting. The goal of our sessions together will be to establish a routine of self-compassion and self-care with your body and how that relates to your values and health.

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Sports Nutrition

These sessions are appropriate for athletes of all levels, from recreational to competitive. As your dietitian, I will work with you or your team to help meet your fueling needs for optimal performance. As with all of my nutrition + health work, I will help you set goals based on your individual needs and values. Each sport, position, and athlete has different needs, preferences, and considerations. These sessions can be beneficial if you are feeling stuck in your performance goals, having GI related issues, unsure of how to fuel your body, trying to sort nutrition myth from fact, or just need a place to start.

In our sessions together, we will work together to assess your current nutrition knowledge and relationship to food, your body, and your sport. We’ll establish a plan that appropriately fuels your body for sport through normal eating, and promotes a healthy relationship with food and your body. In our work together, I will never place you on a restrictive diet; instead, I will you help establish a pattern of eating that fuels your whole body + values as an athlete.

Nutrition education for parents + coaches + professionals

I would be delighted to address your team of professionals, parents, or women’s group about my approach to health and nutrition. This could include questions about how to prevent eating disorders in your child or athlete, warning signs of disordered eating, coping with body image issues across the lifespan, and how to promote non-diet, weight neutral values in your home or practice. I provide a holistic and realistic approach to health and wellness from a weight neutral, body positive perspective. I emphasize the importance of self-care, self-compassion, gentle nutrition, and body acceptance in my practice, which I feel is important for optimal health across the lifespan. Please reach out with any questions you may have!

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